Design Services

I remember all the details of all the events she has done for me, and they are incredible!



Event Planning

Launches, Releases, Red Carpets, Junkets, Galas, Fundraisers and more… Memorable events filled with WOW! moments that go wild on social media. It’s the designer details your guests will never forget.

Promotional Materials

Websites, Web Headers, Album Art, Emailers, Posters, Flyers, Handouts and more… Polished promotional materials expertly designed for web, social and print. Leave a lasting impression to elevate your brand.

Content Creation

Photography, Video, Copywriting and Editing… Engaging content for all platforms, from idea to final cut. Just provide the objective and receive buzz-worthy content and visuals ready for publication.

Brand Positioning

Logos, Brand Boards, Style Guides, Business Cards, Packaging and Emails… Strategic branding direction to unify your image and create a cohesive brand experience. Let users feel your vibe.